Watch Video & Download Your Updated Spreadsheet through all of 2016 Below...Ready for 2017 Trades


Download your Power of Compounding Spreadsheet.  You'll be able to enter your Starting Balance, and Risk % and see how the Power of Compounding will accelerate your profits with the Dynamic Swing Trader!
Watch the Power of Compounding Video and see how you can 5x to 10x your returns with the Dynamic Swing Trader...more details to follow soon...

Power of Compounding Tip #1

Makes It Easy To Grow Your Account as Long as You Allow for Patience + Time.  Compounding Gets Stronger Over Time.

Power of Compounding Tip #2

Avoid Trying To Trade with High Risk in Order to Increase Your Returns.  Let Compounding Grown Your Account While You Keep Risk Low

Power of Compounding Tip #3

Escape From The Stress of High Activity Trading Where Pip Spreads and Trade Costs Can Destroy Your Profits

Power of Compounding Tip #4

Accept that the Greatest Returns Are Going to be Built Upon Your Trades (and patience) In the Early Days of Trading the System and You'll Be Rewarded Later
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